Is a little state of the Western U.S and famous for deserts, cactuses, pine forests, mountains and plateau all of which now make the strange and unique attractions to travellers. That is the interesting combination of cowboy and local American cultures.

Understanding about the potential a features as well as the needs of travelers to this area, Sedona hotel was built with a wonderful location which brings closer to the Red Rock of Sedona and surroundings. The hotel is not only suitable for business or traveling purposes especially travelers from South East Asia including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.


Sedona is one of the most beautiful tourist place in US which is recognized as the paradise of spirit from the Prehistory. The local American used Sedona as the place for wakening up their rite. Sedona also used as the place for wedding hundred years ago. You will be impressed by its fabulously pristine and that is one of reason why Sedona has been honored for long.

It is easier to access Grand Canyon from Sedona when it is only 90 minutes driving to the North. Grand Canyon is quite similar to Sedona, but it has a much bigger scale. There are many other interesting places for travelers which can be put into tour packages of Vietnam tour operator or any other countries including Yosemite Valley, Red Rock Magic Trolley, Rescent Moon Picnic Site, Devils Bridge, Boyton Canyon Trail and Red Rock Crossing…However, Sedona has a distinctive attraction is the easy access. You can drive through valleys to enjoy the majestic landscape out of your car’s windows. Also, you can cycle to explore the formation of rock’s peaks.

The valleys in Sedona are located on the altitude of 1.500 meter above the sea level which is similar to the central highland of Vietnam and is very suitable for hiking, trekking and off the beaten track tours. The weather is quite dry so there is a little rain or snow, but the water of the area is provided by an abundant water resource from mountains nearby. Travellers often visit the mountains at sunset when the red rocks become splendid affected from sunshine.


Grand Canyon

Is one of the most famous site in US, the mountain valley of Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado river million years ago. Grand Canyon national park is divided into two parts: The North and South (easier to access). Besides enjoying the beautiful sceneries by cars, travellers can experience other adventure activities such as, hiking, mountain cycling, boat ride or even enjoy the helicopter tour…

National park of Saguaro

With the size of over 91,000 hectares in Sonoran Desert, Saguaro is a large park. When traveling here, you should spend the time on enjoying the beauty of cactus or do not miss the chance to visit historical relics and wild animals. Furthermore, you can drive car, cycle or walk…to contemplate the wonderful landscape here.

The waterfall of Havasu

Is exposed many times on TVs or magazines, Havasu waterfall is listed in the best places in Grand Canyon. The waterfall is 36 meters high and has a natural pool with emerald water. Similar to Ban Gioc waterfall in Vietnam (one of the best destinations in the Vietnam tour packages), this is an ideal site for relaxing and picnic.

Cathedral Rock

Is located in the National forest of Coconino in Yavapai County, 5km from the uptown Sedona, Cathedral Rock is considered as the famous symbol of Sedona which is a breathtaking site for photographers.



In 2015, the group of Sedona invested into Vietnam after finding the big chance of travel in Vietnam and which is also a lever for promoting Sedona hotel chain to Vietnamese travellers who consider US as the best destination during their vacations. Until now, they have opened 4 hotels in Vietnam in Hanoi, Saigon, Phu Quoc and Hoi An.

Recognize that Vietnam is one of the wonderful destinations for American travelers and US is one of the five biggest market for Vietnam travel with an increase of 13% per year. Amongst countries of ASEAN community, Vietnam offers many beautiful natural landscape and also has a stable politic system which has made Sedona pouring a big investment into Vietnam with the hope to become the leading hotel chain from USA.

According to the leader of Vietnam tourism, Vietnam will issue the best condition of legal to attract foreign investors. He also expressed that Vietnam is a safe and friendly destination which will be a good market for investors in the near future.


In Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam which is in the fast development and is the combination of old (from the French colony) and new features, Asia and European architectures.

Hanoi was used to be famous with the pictures of “small alleys and streets”, but now it is a modern city. A tour in Hanoi will give visitors unforgettable about the 36 craft streets in the old quarter, the temple of Literature (a symbol of Hanoi in traditional fondness for learning), Hoan Kiem and Ngoc Son temples (the heart of Hanoi) or Ho Chi Minh mausoleum – the resting place of the leader of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh).

In Hoi An

Unlike the solemnity of the ancient capital of Hue or bustling and hustling Saigon and Hanoi, Hoi An ancient town is attractive to tourists by its unique romance including beautiful beaches, simple beauty and delicious food. To Hoi An, visitors will have chance to see moss-grown roofs, beautiful little lanterns at night or hundred year old houses with skillful carving…In particular, if you join a tour in Hoi An during the day 14th every month (in lunar calendar), visitors will have wonderful opportunity to enjoy the romantic, peaceful features in the sparkling town at night.

In Saigon

Over 300 years of foundation and development, Saigon has become the biggest city in Vietnam. However, it still keeps the beauty and architecture of the past. Unlike Hanoi or Hoi An, Saigon is attractive to tourists who want to visit once to explore more about history of the city which was known as the Far East Pearl of Asia.

In Phu Quoc

With the impressively pristine beauty, Phu Quoc is always the inspiration of any photographers and travellers. Phu Quoc belongs to Kien Giang province and is located deeply in the Thailand Gulf, this is an ideal relaxing place for almost tourists because of emerald water, peaceful streams and harmoniously romantic landscape. If you step on this land and enjoy the beauty of the biggest island in Vietnam, you will understand why it has the name of “the paradise of Pearl island” and is listed in the top 10 best destinations for international tourists.