There are 4 delicious “banh canh” dishes in the Mekong delta that you definitely have to try when you have an opportunity including “banh canh Ben Co” in Tra Vinh, “banh canh tom nuoc dua” in Ben Tre, “banh canh ca loc” or “banh canh ghe” in Ha tien, Phu Quoc.

“Banh canh Ben Co”

Cuisine of the land Tra Vinh always bring visitors exciting surprises, “banh canh Ben Co” is one of them. “Banh canh” is soft and tough, having milky color and not be hatched when adding soup. The soup is sweet and it is cooked from pork bones. This dish is usually eaten with liver, intestines, pork rolls and a cup of pure “nuoc mam” with little chili

“Banh canh tom nuoc dua Ben Tre”

When coming to Ben Tre, coconut land, visitors can enjoy unique and strange “banh canh tom nuoc dua” dish. Shrimps is cleaned and peeled to put in the pan and stir with some spices, the “banh canh” are cooked boiled before adding the shrimps. Then first water of coconut and spices are added to have suitable taste. This dish is sweet, fat and salty thanks to the taste of shrimps. All these make an unique dish.

 “Banh canh ghe Ha Tien”

One of the most delicious “banh canh” dishes in the mekong delta is “banh canh ghe”. This dish is very popular in Ha Tien town and Phu Quoc because these places have the source of fresh and abundant seafood. The main materials are whole “ghe”, “banh canh”, “cha tom” and “huyet”. The broth of this dish must be cooked from the back of “ghe”. It has light scent, sweet and solid flavor. Visitors like slowly enjoying crabs of “ghe”, then “mai ghe” is eaten after that with “muoi tieu chanh”. Finally they taste delicious broth of this dish.

 “Banh canh ca loc mien Tay”

“Banh canh ca loc” is probably the most popular “banh canh” dish in kinds of “banh canh” in the mekong delta. To cook “banh canh ca loc” dish, the process of selecting flour and making flour is very important. Rice flour is hand-milled until it is tough and not sticky so that when it is cooked, the broth is still clean. “Ca loc” is steamed, removed bones and added spices before being put into “banh canh” soup which is boiling. The broth is cooked from fishes’ head bones crushed to sweeten the soup. “Banh canh” must be eaten when it is still hot, spicy and vegetables should be added to fade the fish smell. This is a very unique dish and visitors can eat at anytime in a day.

If you have finished reading this article certainly immediately associate the large bowl of “banh canh” with impeccable taste. So do not hesitate to take a trip to mekong delta!


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