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Hoa Tien Cave


Hoa Tien cave located in limestone mountains, Ba mountain in Ngoi village, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province.

Far away from the cave about 1km to the east, there is a large green lake, the local people in the area called the lake the fairy bathing lake. From the two places, the people here have chosen the two most beautiful names to name the cave is the Hoa Tien Cave.

Visitors can visit relics with two routes. The first one is from the center of Hoa Binh city, along the road to the hydroelectric dam port about 7km. From here, visitors follow back Da river 27km to the neighborhood of Ngoi hamlet, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district. After that, the visitors go off the boat and walk about 100m to the Hoa Tien Cave.

The second route is from the center of Hoa Binh city along the national highway 6A to the foot of the Cun slope about 5 km, from here the visitors go through from Tay Tien to Binh Thanh commune to Thung Nai commune, Cao Phong district about 18km. From here you can take the road to Ngoi Hoa commune about 11.7km. Then continue to walk to the boat wharf in the neighborhood, take the boat about 9km. The tourists can walk about 3.7km to the relic site.

The Hoa Tien cave has two door which is 18 meters apart, including the southeast door and the south door. Southeast door has the height of 5m and 6m wide. The south gate is 6m high and 9m wide. The door is higher than the floor about from 8 to 10 meters. If people want to enter the cave, they must go through the iron stairs at the two entrances.

As soon as setting foot in the cave, the visitors are amazed by the great beauty of the stone with countless blocks of stalactites, stone columns with full of interesting shapes. The cave attracts visitors through the light of stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns reflect light glittering as the stage lights. The main cave has a length of 61m and 27m wide, from the door to the left about 50m, the cave is divided into two small niches at which the visitors encounter many stalactites here. The blocks have a lot of very interesting shapes. Some blocks look like a fairy godfather in fairy tale located on the rosy colorful clouds.

On the dome we see stalactites hanging softly down from the top like a bright yellow skirt as it was just finished being washed still dropping some sparkling waterdrops. The north cave has 60 meters in length and the width of 12m is separated from the main one by a series of stone columns, high stalagmites arranged in large rows.

Through this natural wall, visitors enter the center of the cave with the length is 60m. It’s very wide outside, at some place it can reach more than 20m in the area, the deeper the people go inside the cave, the narrower the cave is. Ceiling height is about 15m.

Right at the beginning of this center cave, you will find a shallow lake, which is the starting point for a long row of small lakes that form the terrace fields. The cool and clear water in the light shimmering beautifully. The visitors will be overwhelmed by the charming beauty of here.

In the South-west alleyway, this corridor is deepened and directed towards the mountain, then hovering in the arc of the limestone mountain with the depth of about 48m and the width of 10 to 12m wide. The uneven high ceiling has the height is up to 30m, with the lower pitch forming the arc shape.

The cave ground is rugged and damp, made up of several large rocks stacked together. Under the light of countless stalactites, stone columns appear with many shapes. The stalagmites on the ceiling with curved shape combine with the stalactites pillars create a massive cave. There are high block, low block, giant block bigger than that a person cannot handle, blocks only like a pillar house floor, some up to 20m high, or only high 3 to 4m. It can be said that this wall is a completely charming picture in which full convergence both architectural art and painting.

For many years Hoa Tien Cave has been an attractive tourist attraction located on the Da River reservoir. This cave has contributed to the development of Hoa Binh tourism in particular, Vietnam tourism in general.

Han River – the witness of history


Da Nang tourism is famous for the natural beauty. It is known as a city worth to live in. Having a large number of many beautiful sceneries, scenic and majestic mountains, significant relics, Da Nang is increasingly being invested and developed to make it attractive to visitors in the country and international tourists. And a special destination in the heart of Da Nang city, a cool, beautiful space creating the beauty of the city is the Han River.

If you have traveled to Da Nang once, it will probably that you will never forget the romantic Han river lying in the heart of the coastal city. The Han River crosses the center of the city like a silk strip on the shoulders of young girls. Han River so many visitors to this city just wondering to walk away, silently wish to meet again.

Not filled with alluvial as the Red River and Mekong River, not as gentle as the Huong River of Hue, but the Han River is dynamic, healthy, young and peaceful. This is also the place where many special activities take place, especially the International Fireworks Festival.

Geographical location

Han River, also known as Han Giang, is a large river flowing from the upstream to the sea. The river originates from the confluence of rivers located between Cam Le district, Ngu Hanh Son district and Hai Chau district to Da Nang Bay, the bordering Hai Chau and Son Tra districts. This river flows to the north-south to the sea. Han Giang has a width of about from 900 to 1200 meters, a length of about 7.2 kilometers, and has an average depth from 4 to 5 meters.

Han River brings a charming and romantic view, a beauty in the heart of Da Nang city that makes many travelers when traveling to Da Nang dazed, immersed in the gentle, attractive of it.

Why is it called Han River?

Han River originated from the old story, when the cruel aggressors crossed the sea, along the river to occupy the  Da Nang city, our previous generation locked the river with iron chains to prevent enemy ships from entering Da Nang. The river from Cam Le that flows into Han Gate is named Han Giang, commonly known as the Han River. And on the river bank, there is a big market called Han Market, meaning Han Town.

Behind the river are the stories of history, of a land that has been struggling fight against the enemies, of those who have died during the war to protect the river. Every time the enemy occupied the coast, the Han River rolled up wave surreptitiously, invaded the invaders, then returned to calm, peaceful as the beginning. Han river – a river associated with the memory of the Da Nang people, the river is also witnesses of changes in the city of youth and dynamic which are growing day by day.

The romantic beauty of the Han River

Han River with a poetic beauty in the heart of Danang the dynamic city. The beauty of the Han River is somewhat traditional, but also modern. The modern beauty of the river are bridges crosses the river, the most special one is the unique Dragon bridge.cross

Around the Han riverside are many restaurants such as coconut shops, café shop, and so on. All of these things create a relaxing space when sitting for drinking water and watching the romantic Han River. What a relaxing and romantic experiences!

Besides, with charming scenery, the Han River is also the place where the International fireworks competition takes place. Annually, this occasion attracts many tourists in the world to enjoy the fresh air and admire the fierce fireworks scenery on the calm and romantic river.

With dreamlike beauty, the Han River is a place that adorns the beauty of Da Nang tourism attraction and attracts visitors to witness. If you have a chance to go to this gorgeous city, missing experience and enjoy the wonderful moments in the Han River will be a big mistake. Let’s feel the beauty of poetic with full of passion once. What are you waiting for, just take your backpacks and travel!

Experiencia de viaje en Camboya


Nunca pensé que Camboya no tenía nada que viajar, se sentirá sorprendido cuando el país sea la antigua Camboya. Haga un recorrido por Angkor Wat, Angkor Thorm y muchos destinos turísticos de Camboya, tendrá que admirar la belleza de lo salvaje, digna de que muchas películas famosas hayan seleccionado este país para la escena. de el.
Alguna información general
El nombre completo de Camboya es el Reino de Camboya, un país ubicado en el sudeste asiático, cerca de la frontera oriental con Vietnam, Laos en el norte y Tailandia en el oeste.

El área de Camboya es de 181,000 km2, con una población de casi 14 millones, de los cuales Camboya es 80%. El budismo es la religión nacional, la capital de Phnom Penh. El patrimonio cultural de Camboya, combinado con el patrimonio mundialmente famoso de Angkor, ha atraído a un gran número de visitantes.

Cuando vienes a Camboya, debes usar USD. Es el más conveniente y debería tener más USD. Es posible utilizar el dinero de Ria, pero si viaja por carretera debe cambiar a la derecha en la puerta de la frontera de Moc Bai, cuando se puede cambiar el regreso. Pero recuerde no cambiar dinero de USD a Ria, la tasa de cambio será menor. También puede usar moneda vietnamita en algunos lugares.

¿Cuándo viajar a Camboya?
Camboya está cerca de la frontera con Vietnam, por lo que el clima es bastante similar al del sur, hay 2 estaciones lluviosas y soleadas. Sin embargo, el clima aquí es más cálido, por lo que si viaja a Camboya, evite los meses calurosos.

¿Cómo llegar a Camboya?
Actualmente, hay muchas líneas aéreas que conectan vuelos de Vietnam a Camboya con solo 50 minutos para Phnom Penh y 1 hora para Siem Reap o para ahorrar más y para sentir el paisaje, la gente del país, usted tiene Puede elegir el camino a estas dos grandes ciudades. Tiempo para el camino, aproximadamente 8 horas de la ciudad de Ho Chi Minh a Siem Reap y 4 horas a Pnom Penh.

Las experiencias no pueden ser ignoradas
Una cosa es segura de venir a Camboya, no puedes ir a Siem Reap con los antiguos templos de Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, etc. Este lugar te sorprenderá por su grandeza y magnificencia. Le llevará unos días llegar al sitio. Phnom Penh – la capital de Camboya también es hermosa con pagoda dorada, pagoda de plata, palacio real espléndido. Si eres un amante del mar, debes ir a Sihanoukville con arena dorada, mar azul y cálido sol.

Alojamiento y comida
Camboya es famosa por su deliciosa comida, extraña, venenosa de insectos como hormigas, arañas, escorpiones, tallos, insectos … todo tipo se procesa en platos llenos de nutrientes. A menudo tendrás que superar el miedo primero y luego disfrutar de los insectos se volverán interesantes y atractivos. Además, es imposible no mencionar el famoso Tomyam (papaya) en esta antigua ciudad o jerga, deliciosos fideos.

Los hoteles cerca de Camboya se pueden ver fácilmente a través de nuestra página de Camboya, que cuenta con cómodas herramientas de búsqueda y amplia información sobre los hoteles de Camboya. El precio promedio es de alrededor de $ 15 que tienes una habitación totalmente equipada.

¿Qué regalos comprar en casa?
Si viajas, debe haber regalos para el hogar y estos son los típicos pañuelos camboyanos estampados con recuerdo como Krama: tejidos con algodón suave, empapados en sudor, puedes ver fácilmente a muchos camboyanos. Use esta toalla en la vida diaria o puede comprar pequeñas esculturas como imágenes de Buda, monumentos famosos, …

¿Qué preparar antes de ir?
Cuando viaje a Camboya, debe estar preparado para zapatos grandes, livianos y ligeros para mover y preparar algunos conjuntos de pantalones, vestidos para templos, mosquiteros No es una mala idea venir aquí.

4 reasons that make Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc always attract visitors


When it comes to Phu Quoc, we immediately think of luxury trips. Especially those who like taking photos cannot resist the beauty and magnificent scale of Vinpearl Land, then taking beautiful photos that attract to others.

Let’s explore 4 reasons that make Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc always attract tourists.

Possessing beautiful beaches

Surrounding Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is wonderful beaches of Long beach, which has been recognized as one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. The sea is extremely clean with white sandy beach around. Besides, there are also impressive swimming pools inside the resort ready to serve visitors at any time of the day.

Spectacular water music stage

Located inside the amusement park of Phu Quoc Island, the water music stage is the place to showcase the grandiose art program with a combination of sound, illuminated lighting along with unique effects that make a mysterious and exciting space. The program has two shows at 19pm and 20pm.

Mystical aquariums always evoke curiosity

The aquarium offers visitors the world of mysterious ocean with hundreds of marine species living together. Visitors will be surprised and impressed with the number of fish species as well as rare species of ocean.

World class Water Park

With hundreds of modern and attractive water games, the water park not only conquers children but also gives adults interesting experiences and emotions. Travelers will be flounced in the cool water and free to experience the adventure games here.

Many attractive dishes are served luxuriously

A highlight at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc Resort is both modern and traditional restaurants which have attractive dishes from the cuisine of Vietnam and many other countries in the world. Some of the main restaurants are: The Pepper Restaurant, Seashell Restaurant, Nemo Restaurant, Pearl Lounge and Sim Bar, etc.

Monumental hotel system

Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land Resort is a place that offers luxury and classy services, typically the room system. There are various types of rooms here such as Deluxe Room, Executive Suites, Junior Suites, Ocean Villas and Presidential Suite. These rooms have a view of the sea, the pool, the garden and they are very beautiful for visitors to choose.

4 extremely delicious “banh canh” dishes in the mekong delta

There are 4 delicious “banh canh” dishes in the Mekong delta that you definitely have to try when you have an opportunity including “banh canh Ben Co” in Tra Vinh, “banh canh tom nuoc dua” in Ben Tre, “banh canh ca loc” or “banh canh ghe” in Ha tien, Phu Quoc.

“Banh canh Ben Co”

Cuisine of the land Tra Vinh always bring visitors exciting surprises, “banh canh Ben Co” is one of them. “Banh canh” is soft and tough, having milky color and not be hatched when adding soup. The soup is sweet and it is cooked from pork bones. This dish is usually eaten with liver, intestines, pork rolls and a cup of pure “nuoc mam” with little chili

“Banh canh tom nuoc dua Ben Tre”

When coming to Ben Tre, coconut land, visitors can enjoy unique and strange “banh canh tom nuoc dua” dish. Shrimps is cleaned and peeled to put in the pan and stir with some spices, the “banh canh” are cooked boiled before adding the shrimps. Then first water of coconut and spices are added to have suitable taste. This dish is sweet, fat and salty thanks to the taste of shrimps. All these make an unique dish.

 “Banh canh ghe Ha Tien”

One of the most delicious “banh canh” dishes in the mekong delta is “banh canh ghe”. This dish is very popular in Ha Tien town and Phu Quoc because these places have the source of fresh and abundant seafood. The main materials are whole “ghe”, “banh canh”, “cha tom” and “huyet”. The broth of this dish must be cooked from the back of “ghe”. It has light scent, sweet and solid flavor. Visitors like slowly enjoying crabs of “ghe”, then “mai ghe” is eaten after that with “muoi tieu chanh”. Finally they taste delicious broth of this dish.

 “Banh canh ca loc mien Tay”

“Banh canh ca loc” is probably the most popular “banh canh” dish in kinds of “banh canh” in the mekong delta. To cook “banh canh ca loc” dish, the process of selecting flour and making flour is very important. Rice flour is hand-milled until it is tough and not sticky so that when it is cooked, the broth is still clean. “Ca loc” is steamed, removed bones and added spices before being put into “banh canh” soup which is boiling. The broth is cooked from fishes’ head bones crushed to sweeten the soup. “Banh canh” must be eaten when it is still hot, spicy and vegetables should be added to fade the fish smell. This is a very unique dish and visitors can eat at anytime in a day.

If you have finished reading this article certainly immediately associate the large bowl of “banh canh” with impeccable taste. So do not hesitate to take a trip to mekong delta!

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