Da Nang tourism is famous for the natural beauty. It is known as a city worth to live in. Having a large number of many beautiful sceneries, scenic and majestic mountains, significant relics, Da Nang is increasingly being invested and developed to make it attractive to visitors in the country and international tourists. And a special destination in the heart of Da Nang city, a cool, beautiful space creating the beauty of the city is the Han River.

If you have traveled to Da Nang once, it will probably that you will never forget the romantic Han river lying in the heart of the coastal city. The Han River crosses the center of the city like a silk strip on the shoulders of young girls. Han River so many visitors to this city just wondering to walk away, silently wish to meet again.

Not filled with alluvial as the Red River and Mekong River, not as gentle as the Huong River of Hue, but the Han River is dynamic, healthy, young and peaceful. This is also the place where many special activities take place, especially the International Fireworks Festival.

Geographical location

Han River, also known as Han Giang, is a large river flowing from the upstream to the sea. The river originates from the confluence of rivers located between Cam Le district, Ngu Hanh Son district and Hai Chau district to Da Nang Bay, the bordering Hai Chau and Son Tra districts. This river flows to the north-south to the sea. Han Giang has a width of about from 900 to 1200 meters, a length of about 7.2 kilometers, and has an average depth from 4 to 5 meters.

Han River brings a charming and romantic view, a beauty in the heart of Da Nang city that makes many travelers when traveling to Da Nang dazed, immersed in the gentle, attractive of it.

Why is it called Han River?

Han River originated from the old story, when the cruel aggressors crossed the sea, along the river to occupy the  Da Nang city, our previous generation locked the river with iron chains to prevent enemy ships from entering Da Nang. The river from Cam Le that flows into Han Gate is named Han Giang, commonly known as the Han River. And on the river bank, there is a big market called Han Market, meaning Han Town.

Behind the river are the stories of history, of a land that has been struggling fight against the enemies, of those who have died during the war to protect the river. Every time the enemy occupied the coast, the Han River rolled up wave surreptitiously, invaded the invaders, then returned to calm, peaceful as the beginning. Han river – a river associated with the memory of the Da Nang people, the river is also witnesses of changes in the city of youth and dynamic which are growing day by day.

The romantic beauty of the Han River

Han River with a poetic beauty in the heart of Danang the dynamic city. The beauty of the Han River is somewhat traditional, but also modern. The modern beauty of the river are bridges crosses the river, the most special one is the unique Dragon bridge.cross

Around the Han riverside are many restaurants such as coconut shops, café shop, and so on. All of these things create a relaxing space when sitting for drinking water and watching the romantic Han River. What a relaxing and romantic experiences!

Besides, with charming scenery, the Han River is also the place where the International fireworks competition takes place. Annually, this occasion attracts many tourists in the world to enjoy the fresh air and admire the fierce fireworks scenery on the calm and romantic river.

With dreamlike beauty, the Han River is a place that adorns the beauty of Da Nang tourism attraction and attracts visitors to witness. If you have a chance to go to this gorgeous city, missing experience and enjoy the wonderful moments in the Han River will be a big mistake. Let’s feel the beauty of poetic with full of passion once. What are you waiting for, just take your backpacks and travel!


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