Hoa Tien cave located in limestone mountains, Ba mountain in Ngoi village, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province.

Far away from the cave about 1km to the east, there is a large green lake, the local people in the area called the lake the fairy bathing lake. From the two places, the people here have chosen the two most beautiful names to name the cave is the Hoa Tien Cave.

Visitors can visit relics with two routes. The first one is from the center of Hoa Binh city, along the road to the hydroelectric dam port about 7km. From here, visitors follow back Da river 27km to the neighborhood of Ngoi hamlet, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district. After that, the visitors go off the boat and walk about 100m to the Hoa Tien Cave.

The second route is from the center of Hoa Binh city along the national highway 6A to the foot of the Cun slope about 5 km, from here the visitors go through from Tay Tien to Binh Thanh commune to Thung Nai commune, Cao Phong district about 18km. From here you can take the road to Ngoi Hoa commune about 11.7km. Then continue to walk to the boat wharf in the neighborhood, take the boat about 9km. The tourists can walk about 3.7km to the relic site.

The Hoa Tien cave has two door which is 18 meters apart, including the southeast door and the south door. Southeast door has the height of 5m and 6m wide. The south gate is 6m high and 9m wide. The door is higher than the floor about from 8 to 10 meters. If people want to enter the cave, they must go through the iron stairs at the two entrances.

As soon as setting foot in the cave, the visitors are amazed by the great beauty of the stone with countless blocks of stalactites, stone columns with full of interesting shapes. The cave attracts visitors through the light of stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns reflect light glittering as the stage lights. The main cave has a length of 61m and 27m wide, from the door to the left about 50m, the cave is divided into two small niches at which the visitors encounter many stalactites here. The blocks have a lot of very interesting shapes. Some blocks look like a fairy godfather in fairy tale located on the rosy colorful clouds.

On the dome we see stalactites hanging softly down from the top like a bright yellow skirt as it was just finished being washed still dropping some sparkling waterdrops. The north cave has 60 meters in length and the width of 12m is separated from the main one by a series of stone columns, high stalagmites arranged in large rows.

Through this natural wall, visitors enter the center of the cave with the length is 60m. It’s very wide outside, at some place it can reach more than 20m in the area, the deeper the people go inside the cave, the narrower the cave is. Ceiling height is about 15m.

Right at the beginning of this center cave, you will find a shallow lake, which is the starting point for a long row of small lakes that form the terrace fields. The cool and clear water in the light shimmering beautifully. The visitors will be overwhelmed by the charming beauty of here.

In the South-west alleyway, this corridor is deepened and directed towards the mountain, then hovering in the arc of the limestone mountain with the depth of about 48m and the width of 10 to 12m wide. The uneven high ceiling has the height is up to 30m, with the lower pitch forming the arc shape.

The cave ground is rugged and damp, made up of several large rocks stacked together. Under the light of countless stalactites, stone columns appear with many shapes. The stalagmites on the ceiling with curved shape combine with the stalactites pillars create a massive cave. There are high block, low block, giant block bigger than that a person cannot handle, blocks only like a pillar house floor, some up to 20m high, or only high 3 to 4m. It can be said that this wall is a completely charming picture in which full convergence both architectural art and painting.

For many years Hoa Tien Cave has been an attractive tourist attraction located on the Da River reservoir. This cave has contributed to the development of Hoa Binh tourism in particular, Vietnam tourism in general.


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